Gregory of Nyssa

by Michaela@bct

It’s not strictly related to (potential) Universal Reconciliation in the Bible, but I do like these two quotes from the 4th century saint:

The annihilation of evil, the restitution of all things, and the final restoration of evil men and evil spirits to the blessedness of union with God, so that He may be ‘all in all,’ embracing all things endowed with sense and reason.

Gregory of Nyssa, Sermo Catecheticus Magnus

…when death approaches to life, and darkness to light, and the corruptible to the incorruptible, the inferior is done away with and reduced to non-existence, and the thing purged is benefited, just as the dross is purged from gold by fire. In the same way in the long circuits of time, when the evil of nature which is now mingled and implanted in them has been taken away, whensoever the restoration to their old condition of the things that now lie in wickedness takes place, there will be a unanimous thanksgiving from the whole creation, both of those who have been punished in the purification and of those who have not at all needed purification.

(Not sure where the second one comes from, possibly the Sermo Catecheticus too?)